22 year old celiac living in Chicago // graphic design major // twitter personality // leo // yung yogi in-training // 55% water. 25% melanin. 18% stardust. 2% chocolate soy milk. 0% gluten. // ur gluten free bae & crop top bae

just had the worst dream ever. my best friend was Harry styles and we live in the same apartment together. he gets with his blonde chick but im in love with him and every time i try to tell him im in love with him my tongue gets stuck on the rough of my mouth and I panic and cry and then near the end he pulls away and he knows I’m mad but doesn’t know why and I break down. and so I go to tell him I’m in love with him but instead the tongue thing happens and I panic to i tell him I’m moving out and he’s like what and I just walk away and then i woke up. it was so weird. i actually felt the heartbreak. i felt it. and it hurt and I woke up so sad.

"plenty of fish in the sea"

I hate that fucking phrase. “plenty of fish in the sea”…who came up with that dumb shit. it’s annoying and people always tell you that at the worst times. don’t tell me that. I don’t care about that. I don’t want another fish I want that fish. that fish I spent time getting to know. I want that fish I put effort into.

whatever I’m tired.

you know what sucks?

guys who don’t give a shit. i shouldn’t give a shit. i need to just live and let live. plenty of other dudes in the sea.

i just realized i used to buy my ex’s weed and at the time i didn’t even smoke, bought this idiot bowls, food, gave bomb-ass massages.